If You Want to Be Happy

If You Want to Be Happy

A book of 5 inspirational true stories form some of the world's greatest parents, teachers, and coaches that provide proven life-lessons to help anyone...who wants to be happy.

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LESSON: If you want to be happy... See people for who they are on the inside.
LESSON: If you want to be happy... Be thankful for your ice cream.
LESSON: If you want to be happy... Help the little birds when you can.
LESSON: If you want to be happy... Be the best version of yourself.
LESSON: If you want to be happy... Make other people feel important.
LESSON: If you want to be happy... Don't hold onto your happy. Pass it on.

The YouUplift Kindness eWall has sponsored "If You Want to Be Happy" - making the sharable download FREE to ANY teacher, coach, parent, or student who would like to access it.

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The YouUplift Kindness eWall has sponsored "If You Want to Be Happy" - making the sharable download FREE to ANY teacher, coach, parent, or student who would like to access it.

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